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fucking girls from social media
Facebook comes through again with this So Cal hottie. We've been flirting for a couple months now. Patience pays off! Weekend getaway to Newport Beach? Don't mind if I do. Yes filming you suck my dick is soooooo much fun OMG!
Time: 26:35
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fucking girls from social media
Swiped right on her and her panties practically flew off! This Tinder thing man, its like fishing with dynamite! And once the naked selfies start coming in, I know its on. Might as well email you the release now.
Time: 31:10
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fucking girls from social media
Tinder to go? Malibu, Surf, Sun, Chatting and back to rinse off at my friends beach house. I don't hookup with all the girls I meet but 60 percent of the time it works every time. This being one of those.
Time: 27:35
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fucking girls from social media
Late night Tinder really came through! Super hot student body ;D Some times I go on these little swiping sprees and they usually pay off. This ones so much fun i might actually keep her around for a bit. Laying girls really give the best blowjobs. Well you be the judge.
Time: 24:13
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fucking girls from social media
Girl from Malibu I met through a Facebook picture I posted. She liked my photo and commented "BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thats right down the street from where I live." 1 day & 20 messages later her and her friend were down at the beach to saying "hi". 2 hours later I was in the jacuzzi at her parents beach house
Time: 33:18
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fucking girls from social media
She sent me snapchat nudes and came to my hotel after work. There is just something so dirty (in a good way) feeling about hooking up in a hotel. Once I saw that tattoo the writing was already on the wall.
Time: 34:18
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fucking girls from social media
College chick I met on tinder down in San Diego. Im not sure what I did to deserve this all these tinderonis but I'm loving this karma. My only problem is not enough space for all these videos on my laptop.
Time: 22:34
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fucking girls from social media
Was at a hotel in Palm Springs, another Tinder tag! I mean when she follows you almost 200 miles home to get a double dose of the D & lets you film it you know she's a freak.
Time: 29:44
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fucking girls from social media
Friend request accepted. A little Facebook fun never hurt anyone but asking me to come over and take a jacuzzi is asking for it. What does that tattoo say? Please bend me over the edge of the jacuzzi and cum on my face?
Time: 32:21
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fucking girls from social media
Dirty Truck. Clean Pussy. This could be my best LIKE ever! Late stroll on the beach. Perfect tits and she just "happens" to have a toy in her purse. Lets just say my night didn't suck, wait, weeeeeell ummmmm sure.
Time: 29:55
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fucking girls from social media
OMG this one lives so close to me. Almost uncomfortably close. Im going to have to tell her it's my cousins place or something like that. Its nice to have a little tinder booty call that lives so close. This one could become a regular. Al natural too! I'm sold!
Time: 18:54
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fucking girls from social media
Sexting with a horny curious hottie. She had never met anyone online before. I was her 1st. I was her 1sr lots of things. She did find it a little strange when I came to the door with my camera in hand. Hotel, Vegas, Camera. Well you know the saying, what happens in Vegas… gets put on the internet. This girl actually loved the camera. Its strange, most of them do. I've never done this before and she swallows my load.
Time: 30:21
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fucking girls from social media
Facebook is for fucking your friends. I mean do I really need to say much more? She's my friend on Facebook. We message each other. Meet for drinks. back to my place. We fuck. Copy, paste, repeat.
Time: 25:13
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fucking girls from social media
I mean wow. Tinder is sooooo on point. What a good swipe! If only every like could be this good. Gives me a boner just thinking about her. What a little spinner! I really need to recycle this one.
Time: 34:18
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fucking girls from social media
Tinder, Tinder, Tinder. What did I do before I met you? Oh yeah I fucked girls from Facebook lol. This little jem from Reseda had the body of a playmate. She was so shy in the beginning then once my cock came out she just lit up. One of those girls that just makes love to the D! This one could be a star for sure. Def on of my greatest hits.
Time: 22:14
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fucking girls from social media
Tinder baby gotta love it. The Valley is a breeding ground for hot, under appreciated girls. It s summer, hot outside, they have a pool, you get to check them out, its hot, you get a drink, that awkward moment by the fridge, the touch of their hip and next thing you know she's ankles to jesus.
Time: 26:41
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fucking girls from social media
Id been Facebook friends with this one for years! Not quite sure how it happened. Innocent girl from Florida. I'm out there occasionally so I said we should finally meet up and say hi next time I'm out that way! Well that day came. Starbucks at the mall? 2 Latte's later she's back at my hotel asking for a refill ;D Round 2 don't mind if I do! Extra cream-her please lol
Time: 23:42
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fucking girls from social media
Dumped her boyfriend on snapchat. She came over to talk about it. He's a fan of your site actually and I'm sure he is going to see this. I couldn't be happier to give a helping hand. Can you sign this real quick ;D
Time: 26:36
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fucking girls from social media
Doe eyed tinder binder. Swiped this California Pizza Kitchen delivery girl from Palm Springs right into the best tip she received all month. You have to love 1st time girls on camera, so shy and innocent until they show their true talent. Her pizza was good, her mouth hugs were even better.
Time: 22:18
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fucking girls from social media
Supposed to be at school, but was on Facebook trying to get some! Started chatting with this cutie from Vegas, just moved to LA and works at California Pizza. Ended up giving her the best tip she received all year. You have to love 1st time girls on camera, so shy and innocent until they show their true talent. Free pizza is good, mouth hugs are better.
Time: 19:14
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fucking girls from social media
I spewed my own spidey web all over this College Swipe. She just move into this place. Sorry its such a mess was the theme of the evening. I do have a jacuzzi bath though. Its my 1st place of my own. You're the 1st person from Tinder I've had over. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Cut to nakedness on video please.
Time: 31:09
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fucking girls from social media
Hot 22 year old chickadee. We fucked at her parents house
Time: 26:23
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fucking girls from social media
Fitness model lol I wonder if she can Fit-niss D into her little college schedule lol. Tinder swipes pull through again! Yet another struggling model. This is becoming a theme. I'm not mad but I'm going to have to widen my search area. This theme is starting to happen to often. Is 20 miles too far?
Time: 33:14
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fucking girls from social media
Tinder couple want to have fun. 2 Girls seeking fun guy. Ciiiiiii!!!! Thats me. What you want to try to throw some D into your relationship? Suuuuuure, I can help you out. I mean wouldn't you bring a camera too if this was happening to you. To smoking hot girls that are in love getting ready to share their first dick together. This a momentous occasion. Well at least for you and my site it is ;D ROCK ON 
Time: 36:36
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fucking girls from social media
Facebook comes through yet again with another stellar señorita. This one certainly didn't clean her room but she made up for that with the way she cleaned my pipes. She had the double grab, dong crank, reverse BJ head screw down. Drop the chalupa my friends.
Time: 33:23
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fucking girls from social media
Is it me or does her pussy look the color of bubble gum? Snapchat? Snatchchat? Smashdat. Snuck me into her house. Apparently, she's a slut and her roommates laid down the law. Doggy style, bite the pillow, Ill be gentle. NOT.
Time: 28:11
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fucking girls from social media
Tinder says your close to me. So, come over? Yep it was that easy. Girls with fake tits love to show them off. Girls love cameras. I love blowjobs from girls with fake tits who love cameras. See where this is going ;D 
Time: 32:30
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fucking girls from social media
Gotta love the friend Tinder pass offs, espeically when they are from a girl. My pal Jess called me and said she was close to the airport, did I want to "Meet" her new friend :D 40 minutes later I as at their Burbank Airport Suite letting her friend blow off some steam. Burbank Sucks!
Time: 34:43
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fucking girls from social media
What a beautiful face-book this one has lol. I mean bubble butt, puffy vagina, beautiful boobs, perfect pooper. Can she stay with me for a couple days? What am i running a halfway house? No you can't stay for free. BUUUUUUUTT I'm sure we can work something out ;D
Time: 35:40
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fucking girls from social media
Its so tropical on tinder lately. So hot. We should really get naked and shot some fun videos. Just kidding. Kinda. Not really at all. This will be fun. I'll only show my closest 4 million friends on the internet lol. No I wasn't kidding :D The thought of that many people watching you turns you on? Do you think this will go viral? You want to piss off your ex? Hahahahahaha How about this, we can try until it does.
Time: 22:06
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fucking girls from social media
I've been swiping so much lately I think I have carpel tunnel. Is that covered under my insurance ;D what about raw dong lol Anyhow, this was one of my late night swipe hook ups. You know girls need sex too. I'm all about this feminism movement. Especially when I empower them with holding my camera. Sooooo powerful. Take that mean weiner lol
Time: 32:25
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fucking girls from social media
I have a face fetish, along with all of the other parts too. But for me it starts with the face. I'm fine with no butt, I'm fine with no boobs, I'm not cool with no butt and no boobs. Thankfully this snapper had both. I'd been drooling over her snapchats forever! She's a little rocker chick and always posts her playing the guitar. Took a bit for the "magic" to start. But once I got her number, it was ankles to Jesus.
Time: 35:12
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fucking girls from social media
Facebook, Drink your Face-off, Space booked, Face fucked, Slam Dunk. Yep, that's pretty much how this one went. She was one of my crushes from College. It's funny how once the confines of caring what your friends think goes out the window what happens when people stop being polite…and start getting real… hahahahaha, this aint MTV but I might of filmed your girlfriend.
Time: 31:57
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fucking girls from social media
Its been so Ravey on Tinder lately. Thankfully I'm hooked up and get those festival tickets for free! That being said, those little festival finds are freaks! They love the camera. It's been so long since I've had one of them not be into filming. I'll even put the camera down and they pick it up. Social media has programmed them. They love watching themselves and especially when their being "Crazy". Like OMG! That looks soooooo hot. I mean look how this fresh faced girl loves showing off for the camera! I'm always more than happy to let them live out their fantasy. Especially when the 2 loves of my life are involved, my Cock and my Camera. I guess you could say I'm a giver.
Time: 35:50
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fucking girls from social media
Ya know sometimes I just want to get away for a day. A little staycation. A little break from the norm. Spend the day liking, out in nature. Well this one cought my eye at brunch. I saw her earlier in the day, she was staying a couple doors down from me. Dear swipe gods please don't fail me now! Changed my search settings to 1 mile and a couple flicks of my wrist we were a match. Some cute back and forth's and she text me - Meet at the pool in 20? My response? Room 21, lets take this to go. Ballsy? Yes. Exactly what she wanted.
Time: 33:18
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fucking girls from social media
I mean you're hot as shit but can you have a little manners and get off the phone with your boyfriend so we can bang again. Sooooooo rude! This one just had these puppy dog eyes that could just melt your heart / cock depending on how much of a pussy you are. I def want to keep this swipe in the rotation for a while. She kept looking at the camera though lol I'm like yes it's still there. Get back to work ;D
Time: 33:52
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fucking girls from social media
What if I met a girl at Starbucks, do I still have to say it's through somewhere "Social" lol Well we're friends on Facebook now, soooooo I guess that counts. I mean come on, I can actually operate in the real world too ya know ;D From cafe latte to cum a latte this one was a freak. Nice to know I havent lost my touch.
Time: 27:43
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fucking girls from social media
OH SNAP SON! This one sends out these booty snaps that are out of control. She has one of those sleeper bootys. Ya know the ones you don't really know its that good until she's peeled out of her clothes then WHAM you're like WTF? Not that you can tell from this pic cause my cocks jammed down her throat. But trust me! Its amazeballs!
Time: 33:13
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fucking girls from social media
My little Chupa Cock-bra! This little tinder binder I'm on has really been paying off. I'm actually starting to think that filming and this whole camera thing is an empowering tool for these women to fulfill their sexual fantasies. I'm completely all about it. Lets set these women free. Free to be equals and fuck and suck whomever they want with no shameing. Women, set you're inner freak free! Be gone with your morals and standards. We are now equals.
Time: 36:24
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fucking girls from social media
Swipe. Talk. Exchange Number. Send me a pic of you for your contact info. We'll uuuuuummm OK. Then she asks me if I like what I see? Really? Is that even a real question? 3 hours later we were getting a room after the bar crawl in Laguna Beach. Jacuzzi tub upgrade? Don't mind if I do.
Time: 25:59
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fucking girls from social media
You Have 1 New Message On Facebook. Hi, I'm a friend of Roxy's. She told me what a good photographer you were and that you shot some really great pics of her. I was hoping we could maybe work something out as I'm a little low on cash. Well needless to say we def worked out a partial payment. Gingers are so hot! Fucking Facebook coming through again with a "Photoshoot" lol
Time: 30:29
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fucking girls from social media
This tinder hottie just loved the camera. I mean, come the fuck on. Her little body is perfect. Nice little butt, super cute face, amazing perky little boobs. Comes from a good family, has a great job and is a freak in the sheets. What more could you possibly want? Oh yeah for me to film her getting stuffed in some schwanky hotel room? Don't mind if it do ;D
Time: 26:14
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fucking girls from social media
After work meet up turned into a back to my office tinder turn out. Meeting up for drink is such a great way to get things rolling. Take the edge off and loosen up. We should totally head to my office for a second so I can close down. Who would of thought that when I was in the other room this little freaky Miami transplant would be starting without me. I watched and filmed her for a second from the hall. Then I let her suck me off, of course I let her cum first because I'm such a giver.
Time: 36:10
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fucking girls from social media
I mean if you got snapped these boobs wouldn't you do everything in your capability to get them over to your place ASAP! Yeah me too! Plus I'm a sucker for tan lines. Tan lines and fresh melons. What a winning combination. Sign me up. SUCKAAAAAAH!
Time: 24:23
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fucking girls from social media
Friends who lost touch then reunited on Facebook. Then re connected in my fuck truck. The streets of LA will never be the same as she couldn't wait to get naked. Probably the best little ass I've ever seen. WOW! I forgot if she was Brazilian or what. But DAT ASS!
Time: 29:41
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fucking girls from social media
Green eyed Blowjobs are what you get when you have your Tinder game down. This little spinner took a knee as soon as the door shut. I gave her slut ever she wanted. I'm here to please.
Time: 22:44
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fucking girls from social media
Hey, what are you up to? Cleaning my garage and re arranging my surf boards. What are you doing? I'm just heading back from the beach. Do you really surf? No, I'm lying to you. I don't believe you. Why don't you stop by and see for yourself, I need some help anyways. Uuuuumm OK whats your address… .. . You know the rest. It turned out just how you imagine.
Time: 34:44
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fucking girls from social media
San Francisco Fun Friends From Tinder? God I love it. So this one and her "Boyfriend" just decided to have an open relationship. I was the first guy she met up with on tinder. She was one of the most energetic penis snugglers I have ever met. Sooooo eager and excited to get the D it was amazing. And what did she say when I answered the door with my camera? Oooohhhhh this looks like fun ;D
Time: 29:44
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fucking girls from social media
Friend of a Friend of a Friend of a Friend on Facebook. I'm going to be in LA, do you want to show me around :D I want to see the real LA. Alrightty then. This is about as real as it gets girl. Facebook coming though with an out of state hookup. Thanks Jenny ;D
Time: 26:41
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fucking girls from social media
What this Snapchat slut lacked in furniture she def made up for in sexual appetite. You can't blame a girl who just moved to LA pursuing her dreams. It gets lonely out here, whats a girl to do but send out naked videos of herself and try and make new friends. I'm sure our "talk" is really going to really help her out making new friends. She was really friendly. I mean super.
Time: 31:45
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fucking girls from social media
Ya know French transplant Santa Barbara stepmoms need love too! I couldn't believe this one could even figure out how to work an iphone yet alone get slutty on Tinder. This just goes to show you that age is just a number. And sluts come in all ages. I'm always happy enough to give them the attention they all deserve, as long as I can film our little rendezvous ;D to quote a great man, 60% of the time it works every time. Actually a little more or somsing.
Time: 28:44
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fucking girls from social media
Met this one at a friends house. Turns out we had actually matched on Tinder and we just never connected. Well it was obvious that the sparks were flying right away. It took all of 30 minutes to get her out the door. Cut to my place, on her knees in my kitchen. I'm pretty sure this one has made some home videos before. What a little freak. Gotta love it. Had to put her number in my phone for round 2. You're welcome.
Time: 17:54
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fucking girls from social media
I mean who is going to invite a Facebook "Friend" to meet up over at their parents house? Aaand be topless? This girl right here. Thankfully they weren't home. College girls are so slutty. I'm not complaining, my life rules!
Time: 37:22
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fucking girls from social media
Oh how I love you my little tinderonis. Hey. Meet me at the Hotels Steam Room at 9pm. Wear a towel. That's it! Uuuuuummm OK. Thank you once again for a great weekend Tinder.
Time: 31:41
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fucking girls from social media
Doe eyed Tinder back packer wanted to "Hang out" with me. I picked her up on some random corner in Reeseda and took her to my buddys place in Malibu. Maybe it was my driving or maybe it was my sweet rental car but before we hit PCH she my load was in her stomach. I was so relaxed by the time we got to my buddy house I needed a re cap ;D My life doesn't suck. Well some times it does. Well not suck in that way. You get it. Malibu is cool.
Time: 34:03
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fucking girls from social media
LA + snapchat = hot teen hook ups. Couldn't believe this one was Air B&B hopping. After a couple snaps I was grabbing her for some poolside fun and conversation Down Town. Don't forget the sunblock! You're not in Kansas anymore. Did she listen? NO! Being the nice guys I am I offered to stop at my place to get her some uuuuuuummm aloe, yeah that's it lol. Aloe.
Time: 24:11
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fucking girls from social media
Facebook Florida Floor Freaky Face Fuck ;D Thats a lot of F's! She was smoking hot! One of those girls you go where are they now. I have no idea. But I remember that day like it was yesterday.
Time: 31:29
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fucking girls from social media
This one said she wanted to be a model on her Tind profile. LOL Americans Next Cock Model maybe. What a little pouty faced brat. Total little rich girl. She was riding her horse that day and was like come meet me by the stables. Blah Blah Blah. Im not huge fan of horses so right away I wasn't that hyped. 15 minutes after hanging out she wanted to use the bathroom. No problem I live super close.
Time: 29:33
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fucking girls from social media
These two ladies could not wait for my dick LOL! We had a little bath time right before the real action started.
Time: 29:33
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